Tribus Aerospace
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Investment Criteria



Tribus Aerospace is seeking to acquire precision machining businesses primarily serving the aerospace and defense industries with the following attributes:

  • Emphasis on critical parts for turbine engines, flow control and motion control applications 

  • Parts with complex geometries and microscopic tolerances produced from exotic metals

  • Customers with attractive and growing commercial and military platforms

  • AS9100 certified

  • Sole or dual source supplier

  • Multiple part numbers produced for each customer

  • Attractive margin profile with stable and growing financial performance

  • Located in the U.S. and Canada


Differentiated, non-conventional machining capabilities including:

    ✓   5-Axis CNC Machining
    ✓   Electrical Discharge Machining
    ✓   Gun Drilling
    ✓   Broaching
    ✓   Grinding
    ✓   Bending & Swaging Tube

    ✓   Hobbing
    ✓   Lapping
    ✓   Waterjet & Laser Cutting
    ✓   Hydroforming
    ✓   Metal Spinning
    ✓   Metal Finishing



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